98 Sir Francis Drake Ave

1 (415) 258-0991

98 Sir Francis Drake Ave

San Anselmo, CA

1 (415) 258-0991

Address: 98 Sir Francis Drake Ave, San Anselmo, CA

Our Number:1 (415) 258-0991


A bit about the station's history.  The garage has had many owners but the owner before Nick was Bill Davis who moved to San Anselmo when he retired as a decorated military veteran. In those days, gas stations were owned by the distributors and Bill was the operator of the "Flying A" station which later became a Phillips 66 service station that operated on San Anselmo Avenue and Barber street by the bridge in front of the creek for 40 years. Bill was active in the community and an avid outdoorsman.  There were a small number of operator/owners whom owned the station until Nick who fell in love with the community of San Anselmo and thought that the location was perfect.  Among other things Nick loved the look and style of station but he knew it needed to be modernized. Nick bought the station in 1990. 



Nick began by removing the old gas tanks and 640 tons of dirt which he replaced the more ecologically sound double-wall tanks. a hydrocarbon scrubber and a state-of-the art detection system to monitor the tanks. 

In 2002, he leased the station to Gary and Nick went on to teaching at College of Marin in the Automotive Technologies department. Nick has been teaching at College of Marin for 7 years and the last 5 years as a tenured professor. After the lease was up, Nick came back to the station and recently installed new vapor lines and gas pumps with credit card chip readers so customers could buy fuel any time of the day or night.



 What you don't see is that the garage has been upgraded with additional fire safety equipment and more environmental safety by making Fara’s Auto a sealed system.  This is a closed shop where no fluid leaves the shop through a drain since all the service bays are sealed from sewer lines. All hazardous waste material is removed and recycled from the site by licensed Haz-Mat contractors.

In the meantime, he added an additional 518 square feet and expanding our shop to make room for tires and alignment.

Fara’s Auto is compliant with all County, State and Federal regulations. The service station has state of the art 24/7 environmental monitoring systems. Additionally fuel tanks, pumps, pipes, nozzles and dispenser go under regular test and inspection on weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Being knowledgeable, community-minded and environmentally friendly is what is behind the service with a smile.